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Parent Resources


Every child is born with his or her own unique personality, gifts and qualities – and yet we do not receive a “Manual” with each child. We recognize that some parents may benefit from additional support when navigating the waters of their child’s development in the early years.


With this in mind, Grand Kids strives to provide parents with all the resources they might need to be successful at our center. Some of the resources we offer (but are not limited to) include:

(1) Property Manager is an offsite pick up for food boxes from the Mountain Family Center

(2) interpreters for translation of information into a family’s home language,

(3) a current Early Childhood Directory which provides Resources & Programs specific to our Fraser Valley community

(4) how to locate and obtain appropriate Health Services

(5) Local & State Advocacy Organizations for physical, mental and behavioral needs (6) Recreation Opportunities for Young Children, and Family Fun


Key resources for quick reference include:

Families First Support Line (877) 695-7996

Toll free education and support for times when parenting gets tough. Offers a listening ear, support, referrals, and follow-up.


Grand County Concierge (970) 531-6750

Babysitting services 


Grand Beginnings (970) 725-3391

Their mission is to support kindergarten readiness for all children so each child can reach his/her maximum potential in school & life. They offer several parenting classes and engaging activities throughout each year and offers support to each early childhood center in Grand County, such as scholarship funding and providing the centers with access to a mental health consultant (aka a school counselor) that is there to support the children and teachers at the center.


Horizons (970) 887-1141

Provides early intervention for children with potential learning and/or development concerns for ages 0-3.

Mind Springs Mental Health (970) 887-2179 24/7 Crisis Line (888) 207-4004 Counseling and psychiatry services for adults and children including play therapy.


Public Health Nurse (970) 725-3288

Grand Kids has at minimum once a month to check the overall health of the students and staff at the center, discuss any local/state/US health concerns we need to be aware of and helps support dental health checks and other ongoing health care.