Double Black Diamond Pre-K Room - Children from 4-6 years of age. Our state licensing allows for a maximum capacity of 16 children per day with one teacher to ten children but we strive to have a 1:8 ratio each day. The Pre-K curriculum is designed to prepare the children for Kindergarten. It includes but is not limited to learning basic math skills, reading and writing skills, phonemic awareness, arts, science, language, as well as social and emotional skill development through the Incredible Years curriculum. Our quality teachers keep the curriculum interesting and fun by choosing a new and exciting theme each month. Each month the Pre-K teacher introduces a different author, artist and musician of the month that is incorporated into several areas within the monthly curriculum.


In addition, our Pre-K children have the opportunity to participate in various field trips and activities throughout the year such as downhill skiing, cross country skiing, gymnastics, swimming, along with numerous trips to experience and explore our local community. Our goal is to prepare each child for a positive and smooth transition into Kindergarten!


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