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Black Diamond Preschool Room - Children from 2 ½ years to 4 years old. Our state licensing allows for a maximum capacity of 10 children per day with one teacher to 10 children but we strive to have one teacher to five children which is even below the NAEYC standards of a 1:6 ratio each day. Preschoolers are usually most responsive to activities involving a “hands on” manner. Our teachers set their classroom environment up to accommodate active exploration in various aspects of learning that encourage numerous areas of development. Our quality staff rotates and adds materials frequently to maintain and extend the child’s interest to correlate with the monthly theme.


The Creative Curriculum, which aligns to Colorado’s Content Standards is used as a guide for creating a curriculum with appropriate learning experiences and individualized plans for the children. The curriculum is designed to enable the children to express their creativity through songs, art, storytelling, dancing, and dramatic play. The children learn basic math, language, science, pre-reading and writing skills.


We also provide the Incredible Years Dinosaur School curriculum as the basis for building developmentally appropriate social and emotional skills in a supportive environment. The program promotes positive social interactions among fellow students and teachers, teaches emotion regulation skills and fosters good learning behaviors. Lessons are facilitated with visiting 4 puppets – Dina, Wally, Molly and Tiny who help the children identify with a real situation on the play yard or in the classroom and then brainstorm effective problem-solving and solution skills to mend the situation.


The Cubs also attend various field trips and activities throughout the year such as, downhill skiing, gymnastics, cross-country skiing, swimming and other trips that allow the children to experience and explore our local community. A preschool packet is available for more information about the preschool curriculum. Our typical transition for Cubs into the Bears room will occur in the fall (typically the beginning of September, however the transition time may also be based upon space, the child’s birthdate, their maturity level, parents’ feelings about the move and ease of transition which may initiate a transition to the Cubs room before then.